Tuesday, August 11, 2009

At This Moment

At this moment in time
All I know is that I need you with me
I yearn for you with everything that I am
Everything I was and everything I will be

At this moment in time
Right now, right here
My mind digs deeper with the memories of you
And daydreams of our bodies being entangled
where one mind, body, soul give way to two

At this moment in time
Memories just simply won’t due
I want to submerge myself and swim in each second that passes with you
Where legs, arms and minds weave together and eight hours seem like two

At this moment in time
I want you to run your fingers through my hair
and the sensation of your fingers on my scalp
makes me loose my train of thought...
What was I saying?

At this moment in time
Your beautiful face is forever burned into my brain
Your touch is stored in my psyche
Your kiss is etched on my skin
Your hug keeps me long after you let go

At this moment in time
I know that I need/like/love/want/desire you
At this moment in time
I realize you are not a reason nor a season
At this moment in time
I simply want you to be mine.

Copyright 2009 - KayC, The Quiet Storm

Peace & Blessings...


  1. Oh You do know I am so STEALING THIS! and framing it for my Mr. LOVE and yes I will credit you!


  2. I should call the publisher up right now.

  3. I want a signed copy of your book!

    Standing applause!!! This is marvelous!

  4. Nice prose.

    Speaks of the absoluteness of the emotion.