Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random Thunderstorms...(I Wonder)

I love December! Scratch that, I love the end of the year, starting with November. It is all one big holiday for me:) It starts with my birthday, rolls into Thanksgiving and then Christmas and New Year's Eve. There is nothing like the end of the year, it sometimes makes even the ugliest acting people a little civilized.

I wonder why people say they don't "celebrate Christmas" but they want those days off of work, don't they?

I wonder if it was mandatory to celebrate the reason for the season, how many people would celebrate and how many people would REALLY go to work?

I wonder why two great people can never hook up? It always seems to be one giver and a selfish person or a saver and a spender. I guess opposites really do attract, or does that change with age?

I wonder why expensive bags and shoes are status symbols? Why can't we brag about credit scores and the digits in our savings accounts?

I wonder why first homes are called starter homes? I have no desire to keep moving around for the rest of my life.

I wonder why you seem to meet the perfect person for you after some other man/woman has taken them through hell?

I wonder why people try to be nicest to you after they show you their real personality?

I wonder why love feels so good in the beginning?

I wonder how loves feels after 2 good decades of wallowing in it?

I wonder how a vacation in the Caribbean feels with the one you love?

I wonder...


  1. Your last 4 "I wonders..." have me nodding my head. Yes girl, I wonder too!

    The month of December has a lot of us wondering as well as smiling...

  2. KayC, I wonder all the same things! Get out of my head, honey! LOL

  3. I know how the caribbean and being with the one you love feels... but since I'm no longer with him.. it really doesnt matter...

    so I wonder why love doesnt last...