Monday, December 8, 2008

Nature, Nurture and Everything Between (Picture Added)

Have you ever had that eye opening experience that makes you take stock of your life? It can be a moment, something someone says to you or even something you catch yourself saying? This weekend was full of those for me. It made me realize a few things about myself.

1. I hate being mean, but I will get gully if you push me.

It is not in my nature to be mean to people, even if you deserve it. I will avoid you at all cost to keep from being mean to you. In the past I have gone out of my way to avoid people that I know will cause me to act ugly. Which brings me too...

2. I give too much of myself and except too many damn excuses.

In realtionships, in my professional life and my family life people will treat me like crap because they know I will forgive them. They know if they give me an excuse that remotely sounds okay that KayC will take a deep breathe and give them another chance. I realized this recently when someone gave me a bogus excuse for blowing me off.

3. I clean up quite well and can become the envy of women when I put my mind to it.

This weekend I put on a little black dress, some heels that showed off my dancer-toned legs, fixed my hair, expertly applied makeup and strutted myself to the scholarship fundraiser. know you look good when women look you up and down as you pass by. The ultimate compliment is when I put gas in my car and the guy across from me was frozen in admiration. Yes, that felt wonderful and even more so when I stopped a few more at the banquet ;)

Now, if only I can get the conversation right with the man I am interested in instead of settling for the one who asks for my number? What's up with that?

The question is what am I going to do with this newfound knowledge?

Edited to add- Thanks to my Soror who was gracious enough to email me her pictures, here is a picture (with her) from my fun-filled night. I had so much fun laughing with her, I think I will find a reason to dress up more often :) Sorry, I don't have any full length shots with the killer Tina Turner shoes.


  1. Girl, you take the knowledge, let it marinate in you for a minute and then use it to the best of your ability.

  2. "I'm the envy of the women and I rule the men... LOL - I LIKE THAT!

    That eye-opening experience, that Aha! moment... yes I've had quite a few of those...

  3. Monique,
    Hey sister, how is baby boy? I know he is getting big.

    Yes, I have to marinate for a while. There has to be some changes starting soon.

    Ms. Knowitall,
    LOL! Did I say it like that? I was just having a cute night and enjoying every minute of it ;) I think everyone should dress up in their best after 5 attire every once in a while. It boosts the spirit.

  4. I have had many an eye opening moment this year. Especially as it comes to an end.

    I have been going over them and evaluating and reevaluting my life.

    I plan on making some changes and making 2009 mine.

    Hopefully :(

    Girl, I get my fierce feelings when I put on my heels. Three to five inches and I feel like . . .well a queen.

  5. I was quoting ...&On by Erykah Badu.

    I completely feel you on your cute night and there's nothing wrong with tooting your horn. You owe it to yourself.

  6. I love those moments when you know you have maximized your potential and the whole universe recognizes it too.

    This has been a year of 'aha' moments; I am definitely about to turn a corner. Thank God!!

  7. Nice pic. Beautiful.
    We'll just have to imagine how the killer shoes looked! LOL