Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fifty and Fantabulous

I have one extremely bad and long running celebrity crush. It is the purple one himself in all of his sexually ambiguous glory. This man must have one great skin care and hair regime. He is one of the few people who look better as the years go by.

Anyway, he is 50 today. Yep, I said the big 5-0. I can only hope to look this good at fifty...Happy Birthday to the royal one. (Shaking my head in admiration...with a smile on my face)

Sadly, I have not seen him in concert. That is definitely on my things-to-do list. He recently played an outdoor festival that included surprise jam sessions with Wendy and Lisa, Sheila E, and Morris Day.

That is a concert I would have promised my first-born to see! :)

My list of favorite Prince music is long. As I enjoy the weekend celebration of Prince and Prince Protégé videos playing on VH1 Soul, I ask you...what is your favorite Prince song?


  1. Hello Kay C!

    I love Prince - I mean absolutely LOVE. My brother who I referred to in my last post and Prince have the same birthday.

    I haven't seen him in concert neither but I think that's best because I'll surely be like one of dem girls passing out and screaming my head off - lol.

    One of my favorites... I have many but the one that comes to mind first... "When Two Are In Love". But then I like "Anotherloveholenyohead" and then the more recent "Call My Name".

  2. Ms. Knowitall...

    I love all three of the songs you listed, it brought to mind "Satisfied" and "Future Baby Mamma"...That man could sing his ABC's to me and I would scream my head off...or faint! (hahahaha)

    I would love to have him as my ringtone talking to me...(Kay, Kay, your phone is ringing ;)

    HA! I would call myself just to hear him...

  3. Prince has always been the man

  4. "Insatisable" is the all time best Prince song ever, next to "Purple Rain". Insatisable is why I'm pregnant now. LOL

  5. Any fan of Prince is cool in my book! I've been a loyal Prince fan since his very first song, Soft and Wet!

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