Friday, May 2, 2008

Rhythms from a Drum

Slow, sweet rhythms
You start to play
I step out of the shadows
As you look at me slyly

You beat a sweet rhythm
Never danced before
But you take me
To another place, space, time

The rhythm speaks to me
Sweet, methodical and erotic
I see you look at me
Sideways, as you beat that drum

Everyone is gone
It is just me, you and her
As you beat that drum
Playing us into sweet ecstasy

The drum speaks sweet things
Beyond my body to my soul
I catch your eye
And you look at me

A slow smile crosses your lips
As the rhythm picks up
My soul, mind and body forgets the crowd
And dips, sways and swings

To the rhythms you beat
Out of that thing called a drum
Make it talk to me
By the end everyone wants some

You work me into frenzy
As you beat that drum
My body feels it
My soul feels it
As our eyes lock

...As you beat rhythms on the drum

1 comment:

  1. Very erotic and mentally stimulating poem. I don't know if you meant for it to be that way, but it was. The drum beats started getting louder and louder as I read.

    Also, I couldn't have said it better myself @ Fire burns off contaminates and leaves behind a pure substance that can not be burned. It is a painful but sometimes necessary process. So true. It feels good to know that it's almost over doesn't it? And honestly worth it.