Sunday, January 27, 2008

Falling in Love (with Dance)

I am falling in love with dance. My performance group is having a joint show with a master chorale and dancing to traditional choral music is totally different and much harder for me than the modern, african and the calypso type of dance we do for our show. I am starting to enjoy the vastly different chorale music because it makes you dance different and feel the music differently. And of course I have a major lift that takes a couple of guys to pull it off comfortably. (Yes I have been dropped, but not by this group of guys :)

Ballet is quickly becoming my favorite. Learning ballet technique makes it so much easier to dance other dances. It teaches balance, technique and lines. I realized I was falling in love with ballet on Saturday. With the drastic weather changes, I had been at home sick for the past three days and had a bit of cabin fever by Saturday. So, I bundled up and went to dance practice to watch. We had a guest ballet instructor who is wonderful and I sat there disappointed and a little upset that I had missed a chance to practice with her. At that point I knew I was in love.

Traditionally, I am too old to become a dancer but it will not stop me from learning to dance. Dance to me is a creative outlet that came into my life at a perfect time. I wanted to take ballet as a child, but being the only child of a single mother means making sacrifices that other children never had to understand. But learning to dance now, later in life, makes me appreciate it so much more.

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