Thursday, June 13, 2013

MEETING My Favorite Band

Do you have a favorite artist? The group/person that you hear and you run out and try to buy (or download) every thing they have released?

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I have one. I originally blogged about them two years ago. They are a Timba Latin band and I have been a fan every since I found out they were behind one of my favorite songs. By the time they were rumored to be working on a second album they were being hailed as the hottest/best band to come out of Cuba. They had their first US tour last year but my city was unfortunately not on their itinerary. Cuban bands must have visas to come to the US and sometimes they are not approved so traveling to another city to see them may or may not work out.

I was very happy to see my city on their itinerary this go around.

The sound was great and I have not been star struck before but standing 3 feet from the people who make the music I adore is....priceless! One of my fellow salsa performers is as much of a fan as I am and we booth literally swooned when the band leader (and lead singer) walked on stage. Each member of the band is a brilliant musician in their right and we enjoyed that show from opening note to closing encore.

They had a few special guests (Cuban Conga players and Rumba Dancers) they were flat out absolutely fabu! Even the band members had looks of approval. The night was epic! My inner Salsera is fulfilled for a while.

My only regret on the concert is that the lead singer is also a brilliant trumpeter and I was highly disappointed that he did not play his trumpet during the concert. AT ALL! There was no trumpet stand on stage! That is the equivalent of seeing Prince sing at a concert and him never picking up a guitar. Still a great show but severely lacking the icing on the cake.

No literally, the man is hailed as the best trumpeter coming out of Cuba...and that is not easily done with the music programs there. Check out a solo from a previous performance:

What did make me giddy is actually meeting the man person! He is very gracious and speaks not one word of English. Damn, my Spanish must get better. We surprised him by asking him to sign our folding fans. Folding fans? Yes, those hand fans that are often seen with dancers fanning themselves? I have a few from Cuba and we have beautiful wooden ones that are now autographed by Alexander! (Yes, I stopped by the store and bought a sharpie) In hindsight we should have included the entire band but I was so star struck I forgot. He smiled as I think no one has ever asked him to do that. Maybe he will remember us next time when we ask for the rest of the band to add their signatures.

Such a fantastic night! The only time I have attended a dance night, danced for 2 songs and been totally fulfilled. I must do that again.


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  1. I've never heard of this group nor singer, although I vaguely recall reading on your blog where you mentioned him? If it's the equivalent of seeing Prince in concert (without the guitar), then I too believe it to be special.

    I can't think of anyone whose album I have to purchase upon release...but that's because I'm more of an old school listener, at heart.

    1. Yes, I have mentioned them before in the blog. If I am correct you like jazz, right? Imagine a cool jazz flow with a slight Latin beat behind it. That will give you the vibe that drew me into the band with this song:

      The new song (not yet available in the US) is an even jazzier tune. They can slow it down and then they can party with the best of them. The funny thing was, I had NO idea him and I would be the same height :-)

    2. Not bad. I immediately noticed the slight Latin beat in the tune which bore a heavy horn sound reminiscent of Earth, Wind and Fire which made it even cooler.

      After watching the video and noticing similar ethic features, I gotta ask: are you Cuban?

      memo: I already know your answer to the question from Twitter. Lol.