Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Thunderstorms...(Living vs Existing)

I know I have been MIA from blogland and so have my blog peeps from the look of my blog feed and the links to the right of the screen. Life stops for no one, least of all me. So, let's get random...

I can not remember the last time I have been in a relationship that lasted this long. Things are...growing. Bumps in the road are inevitable but I find myself being the person who guides and patiently waits for the light bulb moment. I like the ability to broaden a person's horizons but I remember that 'even a Counselor needs a Counselor sometimes.'

I still dance on occasion but it nothing like I used to. I have danced less than 10 times all year and that includes performances. What is wrong with me? Drama has taken my safe haven, my hardwood therapy and it makes it difficult for me to enjoy it anymore. Fortunately the drama was not a result of anything I've done or a reaction of any of my actions but still the backlash has ended up directly effecting me. Funny how people can do dirt, get mad when they get caught and then project it onto you like you are in the wrong. Just when I thought people could not surprise me anymore, they show me how low mankind can stoop and still think they are fabulous creatures and the best thing to bless man since sliced bread.

One of my friends used me to get ahead at work. I am happy she got the raise and change in job title. What I am not thrilled about it how every day she was in my office complaining, asking for advice when I had to hear through the grapevine that she received her new position after I didn't see her for over a week. Then she acted ungrateful with the new three level higher pay grade. Some people are never happy. I knew she was a user, which is why I stopped hanging with her outside of work hours. One of these days I will learn to stop allowing people to use me.

Ah yes, drama is all around me. I guess that means I am doing something right? Who knows....what's going on with you blog peeps?

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. girl, everybody on twitter and facebook. Blogging is rare these days, and that is okay... But glad to see you, though!

    I don't do well when people get all "psychological" with me, i.e, try to make me think I did something wrong. NERP. I will leave folks along QUICK for that.

    You got lots of drama going on there, hon. The good thing is that you recognized it for what it was. And for myself, I take it a step further: I search my ownself and make sure I'm not portraying those particular dramatic character traits. Because I don't ever wanna make people feel as bad as they have made me feel.

  2. Dancing means so much to you on a whole from all I've learned that it surprised me to read that you haven't been ripping up the dance floor, as you had in the past. Hmm. Are you pregnant? Lol. Just kidding. You know I always have to crack jokes.

    I kinda felt you'd be in a relationship with him for awhile, if not marriage. Why? Because I quietly prayed as much upon you. I just never told you.

    Don't worry about your co-worker. Just know that money changes everything. Just the way it is I suppose.

    Good to see you post a blog. I guess I can't talk. Lol.