Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tired, Content but Happy

These past few weeks have been extremely busy and my body is mad at me. My weekend started on Friday night with my first official performance with my Salsa performance group. As first performances go, it went okay with two minor hiccups. Not a great performance but it was not bad either. C'est la vie.

After the performance we quickly changed clothes and walked down a few blocks to grab a bite to eat before dancing until my feet and legs said 'no mas!' I met a few new people and danced a wicked cha-cha with a white guy in cowboy boots. Yep, I said cowboy boots and he was jammin! My best dance of the night :)

Saturday I started all over again with a Tango/Salsa infusion class and a Puerto Rican on 2 class. Loved the Tango class and incorporated a few new moves in my freestyle Salsa. After class, I had a business meeting (still working on that business idea) and grabbed more food before going home to shower and return to dance the night away. Met a few more new people, danced with the ones from the night before and absorbed the atmosphere. You never know who you will bump into. Met people from Florida, Boston, New York, Texas and North Carolina. Gotta love the Salsa dance floor.

The weekend ended with a Telemundo event performance with a local Salsa singer at one of the malls. That was a lot of fun. I thought it was hilarious that the Venezuela born singer had three women of color as his background salsa dancers. Love that diversity. You can look him up here. His song 'Down' is really catchy and had me singing for the rest of the night. Check it out. Download it from iTunes.

If that was not enough, we left the performance and had a 3 hour dance rehearsal. As my body is very upset with me today I look back on the memories and photos from the weekend and smile to myself.

Thankful, happy and looking forward to the next Salsa congress weekend in December. Like a kid waiting on Christmas...

Until Next Time,

Peace & Blessings...


  1. It's always gud 2 do somethng you really enjoy....even thou ur body is mad it's well worth it. Thanks 4 sharing :)

  2. I guess even the strongest and most fittest of bodies tire eventually.

    Always have respected your love for Salsa - it's the truth.

  3. Wow sis, you have been dancing your tail off! Glad that you are enjoying it. Watch out though before your body stages some kind of coup! *lol*

  4. Sounds like you are having amazing fun. And you are looking good. I need to dance just for the workout.

    Though it is not salsa, my son is learning ballroom dancing at school. And he is enjoying coming home to show me how he has to lead me. . .haha.

  5. Years ago when I danced regularly, I remember the pain and the burning feet. I know what you're feeling... yet there's an energy that keeps you moving. It's a beautiful thing. And it's wonderful to be tired from doing something you love... :-D