Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Thunderstorms...(WTH?)

I recently ran into the ex-husband at one of my favorite hangout spots. We aren't friends and I had no desire to carry a conversation with him. After passing him a few times, he almost shouted "Hello Kay, How are you?" I almost laughed at him and flipped back a "Hey, what's up" and never broke stride...WTH? Wonder what the chick he was with thought of that?

My Supervisor had the nerve to tell someone the other day "My time is valuable"...WTH? Like their time isn't?

I'm too old for dating games. Don't start to call and text me again after you turned ghost for weeks...WTH?

What do you mean "is this my hair?" Can't you see my scalp? Yes, it grows this way and yes I have curls, kinks, and waves...WTH?

"Me and J have the same taste in women. He's a great guy. I hit on all of his friends. Your hair is pretty can I touch it?" Seriously....WTH? Those sentences told me more about you than you ever could. Sorry, but you may NOT touch my hair. Furthermore if J is such a great guy, why do you hit on his friends?

WTH? Prince is doing shows in Vegas again? Where can I get a ticket?

It took you how long to get ready? WTH!?!

I got hit on by a woman for the first time, didn't know if I should be flattered or ask her WTH?

I have over 40 sick days and you are looking at me cross-eyed for taking one? WTH?

There has to be a better way to make a living than working a full-time gig for 30 years. WTH?

What do you mean "Everyone's salary will be frozen next year." Have you seen the price of food? WTH?!?

My new neighbor had the nerve to ask me to pay for branch removal after a storm put three branches in her fenced backyard from a tree in my yard. I looked at her crazy when she said "I swept the patio and had it looking pretty and then leaves from your tree fell into it again." Ummm...yeah, they do that. What you want me to do? WTH?!?



    Yeah Sister, time for some R&R!

    And next time you run into ex...don't ignore and then keep it moving. He won't be expecting all!

  2. LOL . . let it go. Get it all out and off your chest.

    I told someone recently that if this relationship I have entered into doesn't work I am giving up on dating. I don't have the time or patience for it anymore.

    That one about your hair being real had me laughing. I have been asked that before and each time it was a white person.

    There is a better way to make money and I am going to find it.

    Sorry about the pay freeze.

    I want to see Prince. . I bet tickets are high.

  3. hey lady. just passing through.
    laughing at a lot of these. lol.

    dating games... wack.

    hair questions... ALL the dang time. lol.

    ew at exes.

    never seen prince in concert but i'd love to.

    hope all is well chica!

  4. WTH!!!! LOL

    I am not feeling dating games either. I have a few smh stories.

    I agree with Lovebabz, you necesita vacaciones, ahora! LOL

    We are finally getting our salary increases but June 1st the D-day, when we find out who is getting laid off... Brutha! So our salaries are staying the same but food and everything else is on the rise...

    I did my big chop almost 2 weeks ago and the people have been trying to play in my hair. No uh uh! Oooh your hair is nice. Oooh your hair is coarse. No peoples, stay outta head! WTH! I know your woes.

  5. Lovebabz,YES! I SOOOO need a vacation right now. I can't take any time off until after my big event after the holiday. Basically June...and I may not have the money to go anywhere. Bummer...

    Sharon,This was my woosaaaa moment. I wrote this weeks ago, but it so fit the moment I had to post it.

    Muze,I'm good. Hanging in there. How are you? Waiting on the next chapter of Ata and the book :)

    MsKnowitall,Congrats on the big chop. Liberating isn't it? Everything will be fine on the job front. This freeze has forced me to tighten down the budget, which is hard because I'm already cheap, LOL!

  6. LOL!! Can I touch your hair? That must be some head of hair you got there!! LOL!!!