Thursday, August 8, 2013

Things I learned in Vegas (The Good, Bad and WAY too Ugly)

Another bucket list item crossed off. I finally made it to Las Vegas and I now know why they call it Sin City. I am not the demographic they had in mind when they built the place. We were there for four days and by day three KayC was ready to go home.

Lesson #1 - Do not plan on doing much of anything when you travel all day after starting at 6 in the morning. When we finally fought the herds of people to buy shuttle tickets to the hotel and another massive herd of folks to check into our room, I was ready to curl up and sleep. No drinks for me on night one, I was too damn tired!

Lesson #2 - You will attract all of the drunk people of a certain skin tone who have an affinity for women of color but will never admit it sober. Men ran up behind us to take photos and quickly run off. One grabbed my friend's butt and then tried to pretend he didn't do it. Celebrity life is NOT for me.

Lesson #3 - Drunk women of a certain color will take their heels off and walk barefoot down a nasty street in Vegas for the sake of being "cute" 0_o

Lesson #4 - Yes, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but you might have taken it too far when you need two friends to almost carry you to your room. Oh, and drinks are served 24/7 along with no apparent open container law. Drink, drink, gamble, drink is the motto.

Lesson #5 - Dry heat is still heat. I am now an even lovelier shade of brown.

Lesson #6 - You must walk through a casino to get to....well, everything! Your room, the corner cafe, the restrooms, and there is a slot machine in every corner.

Lesson #7 - Take your allergy and/or asthma meds with you! As a matter of fact, refill your prescription before you go because you will need it. The smoke just lingers and attacks you at will. My furry one was sniffing my carry on bag after I returned home like "where in the hell have you been?!?"

Lesson #8 - The USA is the most out of shape, let it all hang out, show it to the world and let it jiggle country in the world! People really need to buy their size and cover it up.

Lesson #9 - If I return to Sin City I will venture off the strip and see hot the locals live. I can't imagine being around that 24/7 without having a severe care of adult ADHD.

It was all worth it with the new dances that were had. All in all it was a good trip and a new experience. The performance went well and all the instructors were full of compliments after we were done. What made this trip EPIC? We had a private lesson with a couple I have admired for years. I always thought she was badazz but seeing her in person...made me feel like a novice. I need to improve my salsa, like yesterday. And to top it off....they were both very humble.

But see for yourself. This clip is a few years old but her body movement is unmatched! And yes, she moves like that all. the. freakin'. time!

Until Next Time,

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